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To buy moulds, the plastic product manufacturers always want to looking for a good mould maker to supply a excellent mould and molding machine with high output but low waste.
1- Hot runner mould. As we know, cold runner injection mould has simple structure, it is much easier for the users to do maintenance and easy to assemble and disassemble. But actually, cold runner wastes a lot of material on runner. Usually cold runner need bigger runner than hot runner mould so to make the melt flow faster in the mould cavity. Adopt hot runner technology can solve this problem very well, so it can reach fast cycle time so that the hot runner mould can have higher output.
2- Longer life cycle performance. A long life cycle performance injection mould means a lot of difference for the user. For example, if a mould expect life is 3 million shots, but actually the mould manufacturer has good technology, makes the mould has 5 million shot life, if one product earn 1USD, it means, the user will get 2 million dollars more.
EURA is one of such top mould maker in China, we can supply you a good quality injection mould. The mould with high output and low waste, it has longer life cycle than you expected.
A good mould maker who can choose most suitable steel for mould. Different moulds choose different steels. According to rich experiences in mould making, EURA will help our customer to select a most suitable mould steel for their moulds. EURA philosophy: not good and expensive mould steels are the suitable one for every mould.
Frequent mould steel:
Import steel: Pre-hardening steel and Annealing steel.
1. Pre-hardening mould steel: DIN1.2311 and DIN1.2738 from German, NAK80 from Japan. These kinds of pre-hardening mould steel the hardness can reach HRC32-40. However the DIN1.2738 and NAK80 can be high mirror polished, resistance to deformation and resist compression. For these kinds of steels are suitable for desks, big containers and automotive parts moulds.
2. Annealing mould steel: DIN2344 from German, DIN2316 from German, H13 from America, S136 from Sweden and S420 also from Sweden. These kinds of steel are annealed when come out from the factory, in order to reach the hard and mechanical property so it needs to make heat treatment: harden by quenching and nitride after rough tooling. These steel materials are stainless steel and suitable for resistant to corrosion plastic material such as: PVC pipe fitting mould. They are applied to transparent plastic materials such as car lamps and package products moulds.
Domestic steels: Pre-hardening steel and Annealing steel.
1. Pre-hardening mould steel: SC45#, SC 50#, SC60#, P20, 718, P20(H), 718(H) spring steel and so on. These kinds of steel, the hardness can reach HRC32-37 and can be made tooling directly. If customers have special requirements on mould hardness, it can be made heat treatment. Nitride the mould steel to reach the mould hardness (steel 45# can鈥檛 be nitride directly).
2. Annealing mould steel: China 2316, S136, H13, 3cr13, 4cr13 38crMOAL 40cr bearing steel. These kinds of steels are annealed when come out from factory and they need to make heat treatment: quenching and nitride after mould rough tooling to make sure the steel hardness. All the steels have different heat treatment, so we must take everything into consideration to and choose a suitable way to make heat treatment.
Large forgings: 45# P20 718 40cr 3cr13 H13 and so on.
What steel is suitable for texturing?
Sometimes, mould cavity and core need to do texture, etching. Texture makes the finished parts more fashionable and attractive. But mould texture has very strict requirement to the steel quality. If mould steel hardness is not even, steel with holes, it will lead to texture problem, make texture difficult. Sometimes it will damage your mould.
Therefore, choose correct mould steel for texture is very important. How to choose good mould steel for texture?
First, steel with even hardness.
You have to buy mould from reliable big mould company, because big mould company they have guarantee to the mould steel, they provide steel with even hardness, bad steel from small company quality is very poor, its steel hardness is not even .
Second, steel surface without any holes.
Poor quality steel surface with holes, you can not make texture on its surface. For example, 45#, 50# steel, they can be only used to make mould base, you can not use them to make cavity and core, they are not suitable for making texture.
ItemsEURA Mould
1Price strategyReasonable
2Fast serviceResponse: <24h, Quote: <2 working days
3Design(for regular customer only)Design for free before deposit
4EquipmentAll in our factory, big capacity
5Precision machineHave 3-axis high speed machines
6Regular reportWeekly
7Steel materialCertificated
8Mould lifeGuaranteed
9Currency and paymentUSD, EUROS, RMB; T/T or sight L/C
10Deposit refunded or notYes
11EngineersWell educated, Rich experience team
12Trial productionPlastic injection machines available
We guarantee to provide the best and quick mold service to customers!
Packaging & Shipping
Anti-rust oil is painted first, then plastic film, and finally wooden case.
Sent together with the mould:
a) Mould manual instruction.
b) Engineering drawing in flash disk.
c) One more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.
Our Certificate:
ISO and SGS certified, export to more than 45 countries
Our Supplier:
Customer Testimonial:low price TV Mould

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