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Band Voltage120V 220V 230V 240V 480V etc (under customer request)
Max working temperature550 degree celsius
Resistance Wire TypeNiCr 80/20
Sheath Material304 stainless steel
Insulation MaterialMica
Mini Diamter25mm
Mini Width25mm
Band ConstructionOne-piece or Two-Piece
Gap Locking Mechanism TypeFlange, Barrel Nuts or None
Lead Exit PositionStandard or Customized
Termination StyleStandard lead, Screw terminal;
2-Pin Euro Plug or 3-Pin Euro Plug
Holes availabilityCustomer- Design
Notches availabilityCustomer- Design
Specially treated rust-resistant steel sheath casing provides physical strength, high emissivity and good thermal conductivity for sheath temperatures up to 900掳F (480掳C). For corrosive atmospheres stainless steel sheath is available. Specially selected mica grade and thickness is used to insulate the windings, providing excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. A nickel-chrome resistance ribbon wire size is properly engineered to achieve the best combination of wire gauge and spacing between turns, thereby providing the lowest winding temperature possible. The ribbon wire is wound on a specially selected Mica Strip, providing even heat distribution for maximum heater life.
ETDZ Mica heaters are designed for applications that require higher-than-normal watt densities and fast temperature recovery. Our customized mica heaters have shaded watt densities for even heat distribution. These heaters are manufactured with specialized phlogopite (mica paper) as the insulation material. This mica paper consists of the mica mineral (phlogopite) infused with a high-temperature heat-resisting polymer, thus creating a thin high-temperature insulator. These high-temperature mica heaters can be shaped into 2D geometric designs and more intricate clamped mica-heater assemblies. Mica heaters are designed for clamped applications, making them ideal for hot plates, metal-strip heaters and surfaces where direct contact is not an issue.Mica Heating Element

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